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    InHannan, many people buy back disposable shoe covers machine, manufacture shoescover. working more than two years of Master Li said, ordinary plastic shoes,the production process simple, the market demand is also great, we can do morethan 50,000 a month. The non-woven shoe, using environmentally friendlymaterials, as well as some of the above printing, and sometimes buy a specialsmall machines, the company printed the company name and icon, make up moretime consuming, one month into production up to 6000 Yuan. If it is non-slip shoes, shoes with velvet,and do it more troublesome, higher processing fees.

     Master Li said, because the contractingcompany has established a relatively perfect sales channels, Worker Master haveto worry about sales, more peace of mind.《Recommendedreading:Hospital should not receive these shoes cost a dollar

     Machining shoes cover of information fromwhere to look? Reporters learned that this type of process information moreappeared on the Internet, Wuhan some agents also can act as a"Referrals", but need to be carefully distinguished.

     Above is on " Processing shoe can also earn thousand Yuan month" relevant knowledge, please contact us (86-27-87739381) morerelevant knowledge, we treat people with sincerity, to provide customers withthe best products and services, Rainbow Protective Products Company lookforward to your visit.

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A reference to Russia, the Russian people are always envious of universal free medical care. Russia and visited the hospital staff, but will clean hospital environment amazed, which have benefited from the Russian hospital has the world's most stringent cleanliness standards.

Russian hospital in order to prevent cross-infection, see a doctor for each patient at the clinic will be required to use masks and shoe covers. Air hospitals to achieve a very clean standard, the probability of infection in hospitals is very low. Because, as early as 2006, the Russian government in order to prevent cross-infection and postoperative complications, introduced the "hospital air cleanliness General Requirements" (hereinafter referred to as "requirements") occur within the hospital. The Government believes that the hospital clean air "to reduce the risk of spreading contamination between the patient and the patient, between medical staff and patients, between environmental and patient." "Request" will be divided into five medical room, 1st to 3rd grade respectively for severe operating room, intensive care unit and operating room mild, Level 4 is against ward, medical examination room and outpatient room, first 5 is a ward for infectious diseases. "Requirement" in the medical room for other levels of air cleanliness have detailed provisions, including the concentration of microorganisms and dust, ventilation, wind speed, wind direction and so on. Especially at level 1 and 5 of the room, "requirements" Except as provided in these rooms must have a very low concentration of microorganisms, also provides air these rooms must not enter the other room, and the concentration of microorganisms around the room must also be less than the concentration level of the room.

According to the reporter, in addition to air cleanliness has strict requirements for Russian hospital medical sterilization also has detailed provisions. Total hospital sterilization specification 19 (hereinafter referred to as "19"), including the requirements of medical examination at least once a year must, cold healthcare prohibition into the operating room and intensive care unit, medical staff to the office every day after work UV Disinfection one hour a month and a half hour formaldehyde fumigation, health care workers may not wear jewelry, not eat in the intensive care room ...... "19" in the health care workers must be specifically requested a detailed record of each light disinfection time use, if light disinfection using over 800 hours, it must be replaced immediately.《Recommended reading:Why doctors in lab coats/White Coats

In the hospital ward, each ward is equipped with ultraviolet light disinfection, and all south or south-easterly direction, and each bed is near the window. This is because sunlight contains ultraviolet germicidal effect, can effectively reduce the concentration of airborne bacteria, such an arrangement can allow the patient to enjoy the natural ultraviolet disinfection.

It is reported that Russia for hospital hygiene standards so stringent in the world is second to none. Even on hospital hygiene with Britain, Germany and the United States strictly defined, it has yet to air on hospital cleanliness and disinfection operation has such detailed specifications. Russian hospital after the implementation of strict hygiene standards, within the hospital the chance of cross-infection reduced by 25% to 30%.

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A few days ago, Iwent to the city to accompany the relatives of a hospital outpatient surgery dolipoma removal surgery. Ifound that those who turn to surgery, the patient entered the operating roomdoors are blocked by the nurses charged one yuan shoes cover fee. He sent money, to send the patient wear apair of plastic shoes cover before entering the surgery waiting room. Somepatients because of no money, open the door to the operating room, the probearound, notify the family paid; some family members of patients happened thatdid not bring change, recite.

I think that this charge shoes coverhospital costs approach is wrong. First, after a nurse charged one yuan shoescover fee, did not give any receipt patient, has been arrested for violations. The move against public image and reputation of thehospital. In addition, theshoes cover will not run out of reused recurring charges, without supervisionis wrong. Moreover,surgery patients have to pay a lot of fees, hospital why make life difficultfor the patient to a dollar it?

Today,large and small hospitals are improving the quality of service on their brains,free tea, newspapers, television, air conditioning, microwave ovens, etc., sothat patients feel at home. Thisshoes covers hospital fees charged illegal, it is runs the risk of losses thangains.RecommendedreadingRussia is the world's cleanest hospital, patients seea doctor to wear masks and shoecovers

Moreover, thepatient approaching surgery, have been very tense mood, this time most of thedoctors and nurses need is spiritual comfort. Now booing, a charge into the operatingroom door is strong, do not give a dollar he can not enter. This service, what kind of patient, warm at all?The shoes cover really can not collect fees. Also, I saw in the shop 100 shoes coverwholesale price only 8 yuan, a large quantity cheaper. One pair of shoes cover the most expensive10 cents 6 cents, the hospital has received a dollar, which is profiteering ah.

    Above is on "Hospital should not receive these shoes cost a dollar" relevant knowledge, please contact us (86-27-87739381) morerelevant knowledge, we treat people with sincerity, to provide customers withthe best products and services, Rainbow Protective Products Company lookforward to your visit.

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1. Selection principle

(1) According to national standards, industry standards or local standards to use.Protective Performance.

(2) of the manufacturing operations environment, labor intensity and production jobs exist in the form of exposure to harmful factors, the nature, concentration (or strength) and protective equipment will be chosen.

(3) To Wear comfortable and convenient, does not affect the work.

2. The issuance of the company's requirements for gloves《Recommended reading:Save and precautions disposable medical gloves》

(1) the degree of harm based on factors and occupational hazards in the workplace, according to the State Economic and Trade Commission in 2000 promulgated the "disposable gloves equipped with standard (Trial)" the provisions of the National Trades disposable gloves Categories with typical trades standards for practitioners to provide free care products in line with state regulations. Shall not money or other items should be provided with alternative care products.

(2) to a designated business unit or company purchase specialty disposable gloves. Care products must have the "three cards", namely, the production license, product certification and safety identification card. Purchases for goods subject to acceptance of the unit Security Administration. In accordance with the requirements for goods in the necessary checks before using them protection.

(3) education of employees, according to the usage rules for goods and protection requirements, to achieve the "three will": reliability checks for goods; and correctly use care products; maintenance products will ensure proper maintenance and supervision and inspection.

(4) In accordance with requirements of product specifications, the timely replacement, scrapping outdated and invalid care products.

(5) establish and improve the care products to buy, inspection, storage, distribution, use, replacement, retirement and other management systems and the use of archives and effectively implement and carry out the necessary supervision and inspection.

    Above is on "Selection principles disposable gloves, distribution requirements, proper use" relevant knowledge, please contact us (86-27-87739381) more relevant knowledge, we treat people with sincerity, to provide customers with the best products and services, Rainbow Protective Products Company look forward to your visit.

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Wear gloves can reduce the risk of cross-infection between patients and health care workers, and how to use gloves properly is to reduce exposure and ensure the integrity of the glove premise and harmful factors.《Recommended reading:Save and precautions disposable medical gloves

Proper use of medical disposable gloves

    1. Wear gloves dry method to dip his hands talc (or medical starch) a little, in order to facilitate gloved right hand hold the inner surface portion of the glove reflexed, dry out a pair of gloves, left to extend into the left glove, gloves Before did not wear gloves; the left hand extends into the fold unit outside the circle, then the right hand inserted into the gloves (gloves can be worn on the right); the glove of the anti-fold, pull on the wrist cuff is not exposed hand can not touch the outside of the gloves after been wearing gloves, not touching the skin, rinse with sterile saline after talcum powder on gloves before operation.

   2. wearing wet gloves after hand disinfection method, while the wet gloves, wet gloves taken from a pair of gloves filled basin, filled with water in the glove, extending into the rear left-hand glove, slightly raising his left hand, so that the water flowing along the wrist wear, then left outside the fold extends into the ring wearing the right hand set unit, raised his right hand, so that the water flowing along the wrist (glove can be worn on the right), put on gowns, gloves reflexed parts to cuff on, do not expose the wrist, hospital conditions generally should not use this method.

    3. double gloving double gloving reduces the wearer is exposed to considerable risk to wear double gloves if needed (such as chemotherapy, bone marrow puncture) in a particular operation requires loose glove, so that you can put a set in the other above.

   4. Replace the gloves in the same patient after contact with the suspected contaminated areas or items, to be in contact with mucous membranes before, you should change gloves. Before touching or need to dispose of non-contamination of other patients, should be off the gloves, wash hands immediately or cleaned with disinfectant to prevent the spread of microorganisms to other patients or goods.   

    5. The longer time,gloved wearing gloves, protective barrier more easily damaged. Use gloves in harsh conditions, or multiple chemical exposure may cause fatigue glove, therefore, should be properly change gloves during the operation. The glove is damaged or suspected of being contaminated should be replaced immediately during surgery.

    6. gloves off during use, the source of infection may contaminate the outer surface of the glove, the glove off correctly is very important, when not forced to pull off the gloves, gloves should be gently flipped off, try not to touch the outside of the glove hand, take off the gloves should be promptly disinfected and should not be thrown into the waste bucket. Wrong removing gloves, will likely lead to the spread of contaminants outside of the glove, then, no matter how good barrier function also appears meaningless.

Disinfection of medical disposable gloves

    Gloves should be used immediately took off, soaked in disinfectant 30min, should soak the gloves positive over, because when removing gloves often negative outside, would not achieve decontamination sterilization, due gloves lighter, usually floating in on the surface, should be soaked under pressure so that when the article gloves fully immersed in disinfectant, hospital supply room made a special apparatus soaked gloves, there are good perforated lower plate, disinfection.

    Above is on "How to properly use disposable medical gloves" relevant knowledge, please contact us (86-27-87739381) more relevant knowledge, we treat people with sincerity, to provide customers with the best products and services, We look forward to your visit.

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