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Labor-intensive industries to the southeast Asian neighboring countries transfer is tangible, the appreciation of the renminbi will no doubt more pressing China enterprise survival space. 
"A few years ago to the United States, I saw the nine times out of ten of clothing, footwear and marked with made in China. In recent years to go to the United States, I found the same design and style design clothing, has more than half marked made in Vietnam, Cambodia."Foreign economic and trade university of china-us economic and trade research center, a senior researcher at Zhou Shijian said. 
A Yangtze river delta, calculated brushstroke zhang, director of the foreign trade enterprises from July 11, 2005 yuan reform started, to July 16, 2008, 3 years foreign trade export costs rose 33%.The 33% appreciation of the renminbi 16%, 8% export tax rebates, resource prices rose 7%, labor law, labor prices rose two percent. 
Bank of China, a senior analyst at tan yaling survey shows that a large foreign trade enterprise swap cost is 6.5 yuan, small and medium-sized enterprise swap cost is 7-7.2 yuan.Thus, the appreciation of the renminbi to small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises more devastating. 
Jian-xiong zhou said zhejiang textile import and export group vice President, corporate profits in 2009 "also said in the past" is an important reason why the yuan's exchange rate to keep the stability.According to the ministry of commerce of the feedback recently, foreign trade business is also very difficult, profit margins are low, at about 2%.If the yuan to rise by more than 2%, so there will only be "loss-leader" foreign trade enterprises. 
Jian-xiong zhou, Bangladesh and Cambodia's textile and clothing manufacturing has been relatively developed, where labor costs are low, as long as 40 to 50 dollars per person, per month.Now, hangzhou in the minimum wage is 960 yuan, but it is still a difficult labor, even give to a few thousand dollars a month, still too low wage workers, are reluctant to apply for. 
China leather association is responsible for satellite and Philip said, although China's manufacturing costs rise, but the comparative advantage is still there, because the labor-intensive industry in China has a complete industrial chain and a strong supporting capacity.Jian-xiong zhou also said that they went to Vietnam mainly sells fabrics, this link Vietnam is still weak. 
But jian-xiong zhou also revealed that in 2010, the Vietnamese government to invest $3 billion to form a textile corporation, will cover from the cotton plant to garment manufacturing all links such as, "they are speeding up the pace of the industry chain." 
Therefore, jian-xiong zhou said, "we strongly called for foreign trade enterprises maintain the stability of the RMB exchange rate."Zhou Shijian says he has expressed many times in various situation, foreign trade enterprise profit space is very small, can't be squeezed by the RMB exchange rate appreciation.Monetary policy, he says, and adjustment should consider the development of China's economy, should serve for China's foreign trade, China should absorb the yen to Japan's economy weakened, has yet to recover the lesson.

Factory Information
Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
Factory Location: No. 101, Xianyuan Avenue, Xiantao City, Hubei Province, China
  No. of Production Lines: Above 10
  Contract Manufacturing: OEM Service Offered  
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