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    In 2015, although the Chinese economy isabout to enter to the slowdown of the salient features of the "newnormal" environment, textiles and non-woven industry because moreinfrastructure construction, urbanization, environmental protection and new energyare closely related The attention from allsides, is still in the formative years of rapid development, production levelsand economic benefits have shown a good momentum of growth.Recommended readingEDANA nonwovens announced the industry's highest honor
    Against this backdrop, in order to providebetter exhibition docking platform to create more business opportunities, andstrive to build China's non-woven industry upgrade version 2.0, "ChinaInternational Summit Forum cum nonwoven material" (CINE) came into being. Theexhibition uses a combination of exhibition and forum display mode: theexhibition to promote exchanges and cooperation between supply and demand ofnon-woven materials industry; to deepen and expand the innovation forumupgrading products and technologies. Join us now,gather in the nonwoven field CINE professional platform(paper face mask,Printing Face Mask,Face Mask With Anti-fog Glass,N95 Face Mask,3D Face Mask), and non-woven fabricmaterials, suppliers and buyers of equipment and services together, grasp thetremendous business opportunities.
    Organizers - China International TradePromotion Council of Textile Industry Branch (CCPIT TEX), China Textiles IndustryAssociation (CNITA) and the American Association of Non-woven
(INDA) in theirrespective industries have extensive and far-reaching impact, experienced,strong. Today,through this exhibition is intended to delve into a new model of development ofChina's non-woven materials, concentrated focus on the strongest voice of Chinaand the world in the field of non-woven, to create a professional,authoritative and diverse international non-woven material platform.
   Raw materials, membranes, products, equipment,services - show the whole industry chain integrity, leading companies gatheredwith top customers face to face! Held in conjunction with high-endindustry forum bringing together industry leaders, exchange of high technology,the industry's future prospects. Join us now, with the wholeindustry chain platform landing in Shanghai, with upstream and downstreambusinesses come together to grasp the enormous business opportunities!

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According to dataprovided by Li Ling Shen, a mask of 2013 sales increased 180 percent in 2012over 2014 over 2013 sales doubled. Behindthe huge demand of the market situation is chaotic.
    Currently on the market manytypes of masks, there are knitted cloth masks, woven masks, non-woven clothmasks. Exteriordesign is also different, there are cup-type, draping, folding, plane type,etc., various types of protective masks have different characteristics.
    Theprotective effect, according to test results mask in Jiangsu Province andShanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision issued in 2014, the nominal can filterfine particulate matter (PM2.5) mask on the market, actual filtrationefficiency of 90% (according to GB 2626 -2006test) less than 15%. Sinceordinary cloth masks masks larger pores, can not resist the particle size ofnot more than 2.5 micron particles, basically only have cold and warmfunctions; gauze masks masks generally flat filtration efficiency for fineparticulate matter is not more than 50%.
    Massdaily protection masks huge demand for, are facing is the product qualitystandards, lack of a unified standard production specification is one of theimportant causes of market chaos.
    Itis understood that the relevant existing standards, there are three masks were"respirator self-absorption filter anti-particulate respirator","respirator technical requirements", "medical masks", thefirst products are labor protection standards thelatter two are medical protection products standards can not be fullyapplicable to the average consumer protection in everyday air pollution (PM2.5)in.《Recommended reading:Nonwovens applications in medicine

    JingdongMall search for "mask", a sales evaluation front of common protectivemasks in the product descriptions show the standard which it is based is"respirators self-absorption filter anti-particulate respirator" andstrictly speaking This standard is thestandard labor protection mask type. LiLing Shen said that the release of the draft standard is a non-specific groupof people in a non-specific environment developed to fill the gaps in daily usemask standards, in line with the needs of everyday life of ordinary consumers.

    GB will help to guide the production, and guideconsumers to purchase
    The release of "daily protection masks technical specifications," thedraft is the recommended national standard, manufacturers may choose to useaccording to their own products. Standard preparation instructions aredisplayed, many companies are involved in mask production standard drafting, sothe standard of operability greatly.
    According to an unnamed mask production companyofficial said that the new draft standard has just been released, pending theformal introduction of the standard will be adjusted accordingly after the company'sproduction strategy research.
    Li Ling Shen said, because major issues related tonational health, so the standard draft compliance "from the highstrict" principle, but the current technological level of domesticenterprises also can be achieved, it can be produced to meet the filtrationefficiency of nonwoven materials , sufficient yield, increasing the cost of thetrend is not formed, there are some new membrane in use. But masks protectiveeffect only with the filtration efficiency of the materials related to, butalso have a great relationship with the formal structure masks, based onergonomic principles of how to enhance the daily wear protective masks comfort,the enterprise is also new challenges.
    Protective masks huge production and consumption demandis growing rapidly, there is no uniform standard constraints will causeconfusion in the market, the manufacturer lack of guidance, consumers have nochoice, so the whole community to mask the high national standards voice.National Standards Commission also attaches great importance to the specialmatter, to speed up the approval process, in July 24 to seek the end of thecomment period, we will be aggregated, collate views of all parties, toorganize a committee of experts to argue, and finally reported to the NationalStandards Commission for approval It is expected before the end of this yearthe standard can be formally introduced.

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    Scotland's First Minister, Ms. Nicola Sturgeon (Nicola Sturgeon) 29 announced that the two are engaged in the field of textiles and Scottish Enterprise software expansion plans in China, reflecting China market for the Scottish Skills expertise in these areas to give the more confidence.

    Scottish textile companies J & D Wilkie (in owned subsidiaries: Wilk) will spend 3 million pounds (about 29 million yuan) to build a new plant in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, near Shanghai, the production of technical textiles, and by all yarn line operations concentrated in the same place to enhance competitiveness.

    At the same time, it is headquartered in Glasgow Digimania announced and Shanghai Art and Design Academy offers a three-dimensional animation software training cooperation, and Haimo Italian Network Technology Co. (hereinafter "meaning Mount Technology") is a joint venture in China. The cooperation project(mob cap/clip cap,surgeon's cap,surgical hood,work cap) will Digimania the next three years in China to enhance the income of nearly 12 million pounds (about 116 million yuan).《Recommended reading:Latest smart textiles and nanotechnology news

    Ms. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and deputy mayor of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, and his party on the 29th Shumei Zhao jointly visited Wilke Group in Jiaxing new factory, and presided over the ceremony. Headquartered in northeast Scotland, Angus, Wilk Group since 1868 began production of jute and linen, and since eight years ago, doing business in China, the company production increased nearly doubled. The project will create 90 jobs in Scotland, at the same time may cause Wilk Group jobs in China doubled.

    Ms. Nicola Sturgeon said: Scottish textile industry, with its rich historical heritage, innovation and unparalleled creativity, production for the world wide loved and respected international product. Decoration from technical textiles, interior to fashion, Scotland textile interpretation of the perfect combination of quality and innovation, which is the Chinese enterprises and consumers are looking for. Wilk Group has based on the Chinese market, and hope to seize the opportunities open to its expanding business in China. They are another good example of Scottish Enterprise, it shows how to develop foreign markets, and benefit from it.

    Bob Low Wilk Group president, said in Jiaxing City in China, it covers an area of 180,000 square feet of the plant will put all the spinning and weaving units set in the same location. This will further consolidate its position in Europe. Since carry yarn production operations in China, which achieved growth in Europe nearly doubled Scottish weaving unit.

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    According to Pakistan, "Dawn" reported on July 28, the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics data show that in fiscal year 2014-2015, Pakistan's textile exports value (Value-added textile products) rose from $ 4.2 billion to $ 4.5 billion, an increase of 7.5%. Among them, readymade garments exports increased from $ 1.9 billion to $ 2.1 billion, up 10.5% from knitwear $ 2.29 billion increase to $ 2.4 billion, an increase of 5.37%.《Recommended readingAsia Pacific continued to dominate the market non-woven polypropylene

    Official data show that in fiscal year 2014-2015, the Government assistance for the textile industry 6 billion rupees ($ 060 million), more than doubling the previous fiscal year, and focused on value-added textile sector. The government hopes to increase exports of high value-added textile products(mob cap/clip cap,surgeon's cap,surgical hood,work cap), in order to solve the trade imbalance and create employment opportunities for young people.

    Another important reason is the rising textile exports, Brazil benefit "GSP +" (GSP +) plans to enter the huge market for the EU 28 countries.

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Somefocus on technology developmentneeds have been identified as non-woven fabricmanufacturers. These aredescribed below:

Lightweightnonwovens,Such as Disposable Headwear:mob cap/clip cap,surgeon's cap,surgical hood,work cap.

Lightweight non-woven products,while maintaining or improving particularly for insulation and filtrationperformance - is critical to the future viability of many non-woven productionenterprises. Input material costs account for the cost of the final product,such as a car and has a high proportion of insulation has reduced stress in theparts by weight of a continuing need in many applications, and therefore shouldbe used in finer fibers, to increase the surface area of the fibers of a givenquality and develop innovative structures to improve performance, but will notincrease quality.
Highspecific strength nonwoven.

TheHoly Grail is to improve thestrength geotextile / unit weight of fabric.This is especially importantwhere this for mining applications, because those mining infrastructure mustendure load geotextile challenge.《RecommendedreadingWhy aremore and more people are using non-woven fabric》 Other applications of non-woven fabric, suchas a filter of the mining industry and some building materials products willalso benefit from the improved strength. Must be improved in strength-relatedproperties does not affect the other properties of the fabric to achieve. Dueto the high proportion of the cost of the final product due to the increase inthe intensity of the input optical fiber, the material must not increase theinput to achieve. Therefore, an important challenge is to find to achieve thisgoal, and in each direction on the fabric also achieve equal strength method.To achieve these objectives, a number of key areas, therefore, would be: a newweb engagement technologies; novel structure, which provides a higher strengthto weight ratio and a new high-strength fibers of incorporation.

Engineering Performance Nonwovens

The above-mentioned two prioritytechnology needs for specific structural features. More generally, there is aneed to be able to transform the performance of non-woven fabric products tobetter meet customer needs. Nonwoven performance, in practice, be determined bythe plant level experience. According to more stringent engineering processperformance may result in significant savings and improved performance of thenon-woven fabric, such as isotropic strength, porosity, size and the like.

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