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Xiantao non-woven fabric exports accounted for 1/3 of the country

Another convoy leaving town Xiantao Peng hair plastic company. Fu Lixin, chairman of the company said, this batch of goods from the world's top five hundred U.S. Alpha Company. From 1 to March, the company completed an output value of 200000000 yuan, an increase of 20%.

The new company has more than 30 high-grade non-woven production lines, is the top three industry. Now, has invested 800000000 yuan, in Peng field expansion rules to mention.

The new company is to build the Xiantao nonwovens industry "upgrade" a successful example. Right now, Xiantao non-woven industrial structure has from low-end necessities to shift the high-end medical protective equipment; production environment by ordinary shop to aseptic workshop change; production technology by simple manual operation to mechanical automation processing of transformation. The city of non-woven enterprises to apply for a number of national invention patents, a large number of enterprises through the ISO9002, CE, N95 certification.

In 2013, Bristol was awarded the China only non-woven industry city. In recent years, the city to encourage enterprises to expand the regulation of fission, take the road of innovation and innovation, the establishment of the national production of non-woven products promotion center, the middle and high-end products more than 80%. Heng Wah on the new China's first with independent intellectual property rights SMMSS production line, invested 4.5 billion yuan, New Asia first, the world's third lyfing two-component non-woven cloth production line.

Xiantao non-woven products are mainly exported to America, Europe and Asia, and the BBC, alpha such as the United States of a large number of well-known international companies formed a strategic partnership. The city's non-woven fabric exports accounted for 1/3 of the country, become the country's largest non-woven production base.

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