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Why are more and more people are using non-woven fabric?

Thelatest environmental policies to promote environmentally safe alternative toplastic bags. Non-woven products are a step in this direction. Non-wovenproducts can be recycled. Therefore, the use of non-woven products can not onlysave trees, it will also appeal to your environment conscious customers.


?Durableand stylish




?Moreconvenient to use and carry

?Can bewashed

?Availablein a wide range of sizes and finish options

    You are not new to recycle. You have donefor many years, which is an important part of your daily work. You have becomean expert appraisal, you can and can not recycle plastic stuff. Now payattention to environmental protection is another important part of life: toreduce the use of plastic. The plastic can be bad for us and detrimental to theenvironment. Recent studies show that there are more than some of our marineplankton in remote areas more plastic. And the impact of chemicals have beenincreasing reports of the use of plastics to human health. Let us also notforget that plastics from petroleum, which is a resource and a majorcontributor to global warming do not renewable. So, let's get started - How toreduce your use of plastic.

    Nonwovens provide specific functions, suchas absorption, liquid repellency, elasticity, stretch, softness, strength, flameredundancy, cleaning ability, buffering, filtering, bacterial barrier andinfertility. In combination with other materials they offer products withdifferent spectral characteristics and components used alone or as clothing,furniture, health care, engineering, industrial and consumer use.

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