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From legend to reality Agarwood fan

     Scorching summer, a fragrance can be a lot of players folding, assiduous collectors chase. Before you can make folding, there are scented wood, sandalwood and agarwood are two extremely rare species, a number of fans in the Trade Fair recently conducted in Shanghai, Suzhou City Lingyun Fan Factory launched India Laoshan sandalwood Indonesia Agarwood folding fan, become a popular commodity in short supply. 《Recommended reading:Wooden Fan

     Sandalwood, Agarwood belong cork, such soft and delicate texture of wood, has a certain toughness, color, ranging from light yellow to dark yellow with fragrant scent, generally suitable for carving small crafts. Fragrant sandalwood strong, durable ghost, used to do the old palace in sachets, Shan Gu and fine wood box bag, and agarwood more imports from overseas, have their own fragrance can be de-worming medicine, the Forbidden City in Beijing collection ,

     Agarwood used to make pen holder, paperweight, beads, bracelets, accessories and other supplies and decorations. Suzhou fragrant wood fan soft spot for the last century, Suzhou sandalwood fans and Suzhou embroidery, Suzhou is not only synonymous with arts and crafts, and even became synonymous with the image of the city of Suzhou, especially sandalwood female fans, exports in Southeast Asia, very popular Welcome. The raw material is produced sandalwood India Laoshan sandalwood. This wood is mainly produced in humid regions of eastern India, sandalwood tree is a semi-parasitic plant, at the seedling stage must be parasitic on phoenix tree, virgin, acacia and other plants in order to survive. Sandalwood trees grow very slowly, usually decades to become useful, it is one of the slowest growing trees, mature sandalwood trees up to ten meters. External sandalwood heartwood is wrapped in a thick layer of sapwood, although there are hollow and dark crack phenomenon, but the wood is very dense, and the older the age, rings, texture, the more obvious. About six or seven years ago, based on Sandalwood Fan Factory Lingyun female fans on the development and production of sandalwood male fan, "quality of Laoshan sandalwood is very delicate, feeling produced when Huang poplar and closer, easy to shape. finished products through storage and play, there will be a layer of glossy soft specter, very beautiful. "Chun Sheng Lingyun fan plant, said technical director. Every summer approaching, fan factory production of the old Yamaga folding businessmen have become the country's single selling varieties.

     Although the use of sandalwood and agarwood for hundreds of years, but under the influence of changing people's aesthetic tastes and raw materials supply and other objective factors, the wind blowing gently fragrant sandalwood and incense fan, also experienced prosperity to be collected from the lively forgotten frustrations. "Take Agarwood fan, the past Agarwood products because the material is rare, so the volume is not large, in the production of materials with the shape to it are most welcome. We also heard elders mentioned agarwood fan, but has been have not seen the kind. "Chun Sheng said. A chance last year, Sheng Chun saw a group of Indonesian agarwood produced raw materials, she thus germination of agarwood to trial with the idea of folding.

    Agarwood genus Thymelaeaceae plant a tree when its center portion by a fungal infection or trauma stimuli are, will be a substantial secrete resin with a strong flavor of conduct healing. These resins are high density, rich in oil, are called "incense." Therefore, the incense itself is not used to the system fan, it can be used as Shan Gu is agarwood. "But Agarwood made in all sectors of the wood used, basically can be regarded as the most loose, this is when we started making discovery." Chun Sheng led the technician making agarwood fan, the biggest problem is encountered This material is not easy to form, especially in the small bone modeling, forced the slightest mistake, there will be broken, some of the lines appear to have been the site of black oil, are particularly vulnerable to the problem, resulting in loss of a large yield is not high, therefore, elegant fragrance, Agarwood goods with good fan basically produce a few pieces, it was "looted."

     Agarwood is a precious spice, has good medicinal value, its flavor looming, refreshing, scorching sun, one in hand, relaxed and happy.

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