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How to choose disposable cups?

     Daily life, disposable cups are widely used, do not look at this little paper cups humble, ordinary people can relate their quality of health. According to the "new national standard" requirement, disposable cups cup cup body 15 mm from the bottom of the cup from the cup body 10 mm, can not be printed pattern, so the ink is drinking toxic substances in consumer entrance; do not use recycled materials manufacture paper cups, the manufacturing process can not be artificially added optical brighteners. In addition, to use environmentally friendly printing inks, paper cups should not smell, bottom and sides should not be leaking water seepage.

     Given the failure to identify issues such as disposable cups on the market, many experts point out, you can do better not to use! If indeed to use, you have to learn methods to buy and use.

      According to the new national standard (GB / T27590-2011) provides paper cups outside the print pattern should outline a clear, uniform color, no stain, but "the cup from the cup body 15mm, 10mm bottom of the cup from the cup itself should not be printed."

disposable paper cups

      It is reported that there is no domestic food-grade ink concept, nor be used in printing inks for food contact. Touching lips while drinking cup, a printed pattern in the ink may be ingested, especially benzene ink is more detrimental to health. At the same time when the cup sleeve, bottom of the cup there is a printed pattern, it is easy to color rubs up against the inner wall of another cup, so the bottom can request can not be printed.
In addition, the cups should not smell, not too soft.

      Popular, the choice to follow "a look at two news three touch" principle, pay attention to see the packaging, should be indicated production company name, address, date of manufacture, expiration date on the product packaging. Against the light, if there are impurities or blue light, it is best not to buy. If you smell a pungent smell, or feel soft feeling, and that is poor. When using disposable tableware, acquire the best open Shui Tang, the water drained, make a paper cup full of harmful volatile substances.

     In use, as well as pay attention to the difference between cold and hot cups of cups, can not be mixed.

     The difference between cold and hot cups cup is the process of making one, "candle" and a "film."

     In the fast-food stores, cold drink cups are mostly used to hold carbonated soft drinks and ice, the surface layer of food with wax. At zero to five degrees Celsius, the wax is very stable and safe, but as long as the water temperature over 62 degrees Celsius, the wax will melt, high intake will harm human health. Accordingly, the reader is advised friends not the sake of convenience and cold cups filled with hot water. Do not use wax coated food cold cup bloom oily food.

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